I spent some time putting all these pieces together configuring Jersey on Tomcat, so hope this write-up may help somebody who intends to do the same.

Quick Background

JAX-RS is an annotation-based API for implementing RESTful web services. Jersey is the JAX-RS reference implementation from Sun. Jersey website says that it is more than the reference implementation; Jersey provides an API so that the developers may extend it suit their needs. There are other implementations by different vendors: RESTEasy (from JBoss), Restlet, Apache CXF.


  • Download and install Tomcat (using version 6.0).
  • Download Jersey (using Jersey 1.0.2, most recent at the time of writing this)
  • I'm using Eclipse as IDE (heard that NetBeans has better REST support than Eclipse, I haven't tried it yet)

Getting Started

1. Create a new dynamic web project in Eclipse


2. Copy Jersey jars to the web project's library:

asm-3.1.jar, jersey-core.jar, jersey-server.jar, jsr-311-api-1.0.jar

3. Deployment descriptor

Add Jersey Servlet declaration to the web.xml of the web application (this step took a little while to figure out exact class name of the jersey implementation)


4.Resource class

Create a resource class, HelloWorldResource. See the power of JAX-RS and Jersey in the annotations below

package com.suryasuravarapu.jersey;

import javax.ws.rs.GET;
import javax.ws.rs.Path;
import javax.ws.rs.Produces;

@Path ("/helloworld")
public class HelloWorldResource {

@Produces ("text/plain")
public String sayHello() {
return "Hello World";

- Line 7: @Path indicates what URI path is mapped to the resource.
- Line 11:@GETindicates what HTTP method is allowed for this resource.
-Line 12: @Produces indicates what MIME type is returned by this resource.

5. Test it

Access the resource using http://localhost:8080/RestExample/helloworld (assuming your Tomcat is running on port 8080, otherwise adjust accordingly), you should see a response back with text 'Hello World'.

This is obviously a  simple example but the focus here is mainly on the setup. Stay tuned, more RESTful stuff to come ...

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