sventon-screenshot1Build vs buy (free!) decision -- I was looking for an application that searches SVN repository with out checking out files on to the local disk, wrote about what I found earlier. But recently heard about Sventon, a nice repository browser that has search capabilities, although the search is limited to file/directory name search, and logs. That's good enough for my needs but if you really need search with in the files than go for SupoSE or write your own (using something like Lucene).

Sventon can do lot more than searching, it is a good alternative to ViewSVN. In my opinion, some what better interface and searching capabilities (no search in ViewSVN). FishEye is my favorite, great interface and lot more features including some cool reporting. FishEye is reasonably priced but you can't beat free, and most importantly the features in Sventon are good enough for me to get started.

What I liked so far

  • Web application and so WAR installation is a breeze.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Support for multiple repositories.
  • Files/directories can be downloaded as compressed archives (zip).
  • Diff is good, three modes -- inline, side-by-side and unified diff.
  • If you are using Hudson for build management Sventon is supported.
  • If you are using Jira and using Subversion plugin, relatively easy configuration.

I will report back after extensive use, meanwhile if you are using Sventon feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section.

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